Supported Independent Living (SIL)
The Most Trustworthy NDIS Supported Independent Living in Adelaide, South Australia
It is extremely important for the individuals living with mobility issues and impairment to overcome their restrictions and lead an active, social, and productive life. It not only helps them meet the objective of their life, but lead the life of their choice – something that leaves them 100 %satisfied. This is where the Supported Independent Living provided by a reputed NDIS provider will make a difference.

And for those living in Adelaide, South Australia enjoying the best and the most competent Supported Independent Living (SIL) assistance comes from United Spark Disability Services.

How are our Support Workers Different?
We are one of the most trustworthy NDIS Supported Independent Living (SIL) service providers, offering comprehensive and tailored services to meet the support and care needs of the participants. We have in our team highly trained and qualified support workers, who are caring and compassionate enough to provide assistance to the participants.

Our support workers would consider the goals of the life of these participants to come up with support plans that are entirely tailored to meet their lives. Depending on the support needs of the participant, we would provide shared hours of One-on-one or two-on-one support, along with any variety of support duringnight.

What does our SIL support in Australia entail?
Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) involves 24×7 assistance with daily tasks that enable the NDIS participants to live as autonomously as possible. It also involves developing their skills and capacity with the support of the right support workers..
Some of our services would include:
  • 24-hour support, including active or inactive support night support
  • Personal care & Mobility support
  • Medication assistance
  • Shopping and meal preparation
  • Domestic support
  • Therapy support
What does it take to fabricate the tailored SIL support services?
The factors that determine the type of SIL support would include:
  • The age
  • The goals and preferences
  • The independence
  • Living skills and capacity building needs
  • Modifications to the home or assistive technology to increase independence
Hire us to get the SIL assistance you deserve
Call us to book our SILassistance, or schedule an appointment with our experts. Or you can write to us to know more about our service. Or write to us to know about our deliverables and we will get back to you immediately.