Disability Accommodation Adelaide

Get the Best Specialist Disability Accommodation in Adelaide

Do you want to move to a new place permanently? Or, are you looking for properties where you can stay for the short or the medium term? At United Spark Disability and Mental Health, we have you covered. We provide specialist disability accommodations in Adelaide, where you can spend your respite or live your life in comfort. We offer SDAs optimised to meet the requirements of participants. At the same time, we can also offer you properties where you can stay independently or with your support worker for the short or mid-term.

Based on your funding, we will provide you with accommodation that will be luxurious, accessible and highly functional. You will get all the amenities in these properties along with various points of interest around the accommodation. These include hospitals, shops, recreational places such as community, sports and fitness centres, etc. Besides, we offer emergency support to participants for their convenience. In addition, if you need support staff in our SDAs in Adelaide, we can offer that as well.

What Do We Offer As Disability Accommodation Providers in Adelaide?

As disability accommodation providers in Adelaide, we provide properties that can be used as:
  • General Housing:

    If you have extreme functional impairments and require housing that will meet your needs, we will provide you with what you are looking for. Our accommodations are designed to provide participants with the luxury that they are looking for.

  • Short-Term Accommodation:

    You can opt for our accommodations for the short term also. If you are looking for respite and need a property where you can relax for a couple of days, you should get in touch with us.

  • Medium-Term Accommodation:

    We also provide medium-term accommodations to participants. So, if you want to stay for a few more days in our premium accommodations, connect with us and tell us your needs.

Why Choose Our Adelaide SDAs?

Choose our Adelaide SDAs since:
  • They offer excellent functionality and accessibility
  • Our disability accommodations are situated at affluent locations in Adelaide
  • You can live in these accommodations independently or with your support staff
  • You can explore the opulent areas in and around the accommodation with your staff
To get further details about these accommodations, contact us without delay. For queries, read the FAQ section below.


Can you arrange a support worker who can help me with various tasks in the SDA?

Of course, we can. You will only need to tell us your needs before moving to the specialist disability accommodation.

Can I move with my wheelchair inside the SDA?

Our specialist disability accommodations are spacious. So, you will face no issues in moving with your aids inside these properties.

Are your specialist disability accommodations fully designed for participants?

At United Spark Disability and Mental Health, we only offer accommodations that are designed for the disabled. So, you need not worry about the accessibility or functionality.
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To book an SDA from us, call 1300 379 294 or 08 8126 3851 or 0482 082 441. To learn more about our accommodations, send an email to or visit the Contact page, fill out the online form and click Submit.