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respite care

Respite Care for Participants in Adelaide, SA

Spending some time in a place away from your home can improve your well-being. Moreover, if you are an individual with mobility restrictions, a respite can help you rejuvenate. And during your temporary stay in the new place, you can explore the surroundings, meet new people in the nearby community and even perform the day-to-day tasks that you perform in your home. However, as a participant, you will need to have an assistant by your side who can understand your needs and help you live conveniently in the respite. At United Spark Disability Services, we can provide you with an assistant who will look after you in the temporary accommodation. Thus, if you are searching for respite care in Adelaide, SA, consider us. Rest assured, that with our support, your short stay will indeed be enjoyable.

Our support workers will create a warm environment that will feel like home. So, in the new place, everything will feel like home where our caregivers will assist you with daily personal and household tasks. Further, they will also help develop the necessary skills with which you can perform all tasks in the temporary accommodation.

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What’s Included in Our Respite Care Service?

In our Respite Services in Adelaide, you will get round-the-clock assistance with toileting, medication, hygiene maintenance, meal preparation, operating your disability tools, visiting the local recreational centres, etc.

Our support workers will assist you with all the mentioned tasks and beyond attentively in the respite. Moreover, they will personalise the support service to make your short stay enjoyable. So, if you are searching for a professional who will make your short stay in the short-term accommodation convenient, United Spark Disability Services is the organisation in which you should put your faith for Respite Care in Adelaide.

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Choose Us As Your Respite Care Providers

Opt for our respite care service since
  • Our support workers will help you with various tasks in the respite
  • Our staff will meet your requirements 24/7
  • Our caregivers will attentively assist you various in your respite
  • Our professionals are friendly and empathetic
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