Positive behaviour support
Positive Behaviour Support in Adelaide, SA
United Spark Disability Services is a trusted organisation that offers implementation of positive behaviour support in Adelaide, SA, following the conventional principles. Our support staff develop essential strategies for the participants to effectively assist them in improving their behaviour. This includes understanding the behavioural features of individuals and how they are affecting the physical impairments. After the development of the essential strategies, we implement them carefully, keeping in mind the health and mental well-being of participants. As a reputable organisation, we take holistic approaches to constructing and implementing positive behaviour plans.

We manage and document incidents to carefully analyse the present behaviours of participants. We find out the reasons behind the same and the recurring incidences (if any). Additionally, we report these incidents whenever and if necessary for regulatory oversight. Our mental support staff also examine how a positive environment can be created where participants can develop the skills safely. Besides, they will strive to reduce challenging behaviours.

How Do We Meet the Requirements of Participants Requiring Positive Behaviour Support?
At United Spark Disability Services, our aim is to strengthen the supports for individuals receiving positive behaviour support. Besides, our mental support professionals aim to reduce and eliminate restrictive practices following the necessary standards. For this, our practitioners adhere to the mentioned levels that include specialists, proficient and advanced.

After examining the behaviour of individuals, our mental support professionals develop and implement positive behaviour support plans. With this, behavioural issues can be greatly resolved. In addition, the plan helps in the development of capacity and confidence that helps participants in accomplishing tasks and reach their life goals.

Why Choose United Spark Disability Services as Your Positive Behaviour Support Service Provider?
Choose us as your positive behaviour support service provider since
  • We have expertise in offering positive behaviour support
  • Our support workers assisting with positive behaviour support have specialisation in the domain
  • We hold individual sessions with the participants to improve their behaviour
  • We develop and implement behaviour support plans methodically
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